Grif Griffis is an artist of many passions, talents and interests: designer, actor, writer and producer, the foremost being an explorer of the joys and mysteries of life itself. Born in Alabama, she spent most of her early years in the South. At nineteen, she toured through Japan as a model, sparking an interest to travel the world, understand other cultures, and see as much of the beauty of this Earth as possible.

After the enchantment of Japan, a dream to know America was born. She was soon hired as “Miss Camel” by RJ Reynolds’ tobacco company for appearances at auto and motorcycle racing events. Grif popped the champagne and gave trophies away at the races as “Miss Camel” and later as “Miss Winston,” and served in this role for more than fifteen years. She travelled 100,000 miles a year and visited 46 of the 50 states. She moved to Los Angeles on a “gut feeling” instinct that she sensed as she flew over the city for the very first time.

A return to Japan as “Miss Goodrich” began a new era of exploration for Grif. One event led her to Hawaii: a Big Island trip to swim with dolphins lead to a visit to Maui for a day . . .she stayed for seventeen years, eventually living in three countries simultaneously, developing an appreciation of different cultures, traditions, and religions. Through her travels and personal relationships, she realized that her focus was on the similarity among people, their goodness and truth, and the humanity we all share.

As with all things in her life, Grif manifested her passion, insight and vision of world harmony through her creativity as a designer, and her commitment to support indigenous artists and craftspeople through her art and work. This life mission culminated in the formation of her company, Grif Creation and came to exceptional fruition in QG Peacecuff, her partnership with longtime friend Quincy Jones, for which she created the Peace Cuff’ “A Personal Statement for World Peace” to benefit the Quincy Jones Foundation.

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