“I am very honored and excited to share my jewelry and create QG PEACECUFF with my dearest friend Quincy. I enjoy the blessed fortune of knowing ‘Q’ for twenty-seven years and the knowledge that not only does each Cuff make a Personal Statement for World Peace, it also benefits the great work of the Quincy Jones Foundation.” -- Grif Griffis

Art is the outcome of my expression to bring people together in consciousness and live the change I want to see. Expressing beauty through symbols, through the icons representing different religions around the world, we begin to experience how important it is to be in a state of peace and of grace.

In a dream one night in Bali, I watched myself give Quincy the prototype cuff that I had recently designed and produced; it was so clear, such a direct message to me.

Within weeks, I happened to see Quincy on a trip to Los Angeles. I has no choice but to follow my dream’s guidance. I gave Quincy the very first cuff ever produced bearing icons expressing the oneness of humanity. He immediately responded with, ‘Baby sister, this is me… this is what I am about!’ and from that moment on, the Peace Cuff was born and introduced to the world.

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